COMPANY philosophy




To become a reputable, innovative and long-term supplier in the area of general engineering, who represents a significant contribution for the customer.



To design and produce complex as well as single machinery components and complete units, based on the principle of perfectionism, by which we will contribute to the success of our customers, regardless whether they are small or large, to achieve by this the own targets of our company.

Our Values


Being interested

our enterprising comes out from our interest and anxiety for being useful and helpful. We listen to our customers and we understand their needs, on the basis of which we always seek for the best budget-priced and highly specialistic solutions we are able to effectuate and deliver.

Modernization and innovations

modern technologies and processes are for us not only a necessity to maintain competitiveness, but it is also our passion.


we share the information with concerned parties duly and transparently; this is reflected also in stable and strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.


we strive for responsible fulfilment of our obligations towards all our business partners.


we form a strong team with positive thinking, based on fairness and common values to reach our common goals.

Production hall:

Budulov 171

Moldava nad Bodvou Budulov
Slovak republic

     +421 55 460 2170
         +421 905 553 263

Billing Address:

Jiskrova 1321/5

Moldava nad Bodvou
Slovak republic

Billing information:

IČO: 36217859
IČ DPH: SK2020042255