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We offer our services in the field of general engineering, especially CNC machining. We specialize in (especially for small-to-medium series) custom and prototype manufacturing with diverse levels of demandingness.  Our production originates from many materials (besides grey cast iron), according to customer’s specification, such as: 

  • Steels 
  • Aluminium and its alloys 
  • Stainless steel materials 
  • Non-ferrous metals 
  • Plastics 


  Through the years of our experience, we have optimized our machinery fleet and our control processes so that we are able to respond promptly to the customers’ requirements while respecting their essential needs:

Price  Quality  Speed of delivery

Production hall:

Budulov 171

Moldava nad Bodvou Budulov
Slovak republic

     +421 55 460 2170
         +421 905 553 263

Billing Address:

Jiskrova 1321/5

Moldava nad Bodvou
Slovak republic

Billing information:

IČO: 36217859
IČ DPH: SK2020042255